Origin: Jena / Leipzig / DE

Genre: Electronic Avantgarde

Years Active: 2012 - Present

Label: Kick The Flame

Official Websites: www.annuluk.com

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MI^HO ANNULUKMI^HO ANNULUK is a music project by Michaela Holubová. She is a talented vocalist and artist who is always looking to explore different ideas and blur the lines between various genres. She always keeps an openmind when it comes to her music, and as a result, she is always able to team up with other fellow artists and producers and come up with something that’s completely original and unique.

THE Show

In this internet age, in which people are oversaturated in every way, we want to bring the art of visual illusion combined with installation to the stage.

An 8 meter tall stage installation was especially built for us in the form of a crystal by sculptor/graffitti and design artist, Monarch ohne (Sven Morawietz) and will be mapped live in concert using several high quality projectors with especially selected videos by the visual artist AERO (Robert Steinbrecht)

It is an experience in several dimensions!!!

In the meantime word has gotten round: Annuluk have earned a name for themselves in the area of World Beat as well as in the electronic music scene. They were already the winners of the Creole Music Competition in Middle Germany and were awarded the open-genre prize, the VIA Indie Award for best newcomer at the Berlin Music Week by the VUT in 2014.

Their concert tours have taken them as far as Malaysia (Penang World Music Festival). With their special affinity to high-quality recording (Annuluk record at 88.2 kHz, double the standard for CDs) and the use of high-end technology has won the band endorsement from Wireworld Cable, a producer of high quality audio cables as well as the honour of being used for the sound reference settings for equipment tests in industry journals including Stereoplay and Lowbeats. Annuluk’s high-quality production has given them an audiophile audience apart from its pop audience.

The creative trio also regularly invite musical guests into the studio and sometimes onto the stage for the realisation of their music. Also new is the cellist Dave Sills whose “classical” sound will enrich the new album.

The special mix of hand made and synthetic sounds allows it to come under the term Global Pop but it is maybe better described by the statement: When Björk one day retires, Annuluk will be at the forefront, carrying the banner of avant garde pop music.

About B*A*M – Beautiful And Massive

It is hard to think of a more fitting title for the new album from Annuluk. While on both of their previous albums, complex rhythms are artistically and harmoniously crafted in a world music setting with splashes of electronic sounds here and there, Annuluk really pumps it up this time round with B*A*M. The backbone of the new album forms breathtaking, screwy as well as really edgy driving drum grooves, accompanied by deep smouldering synthi-bass worthy of even the most hardcore dubstep tracks

This sound is in contrast to Misa’s hypnotic voocals, which bring quieter, more recognisable lines into the whole mix – and so the necessary “beautiful” isjuxtaposed with the “massive”: like yin and yang.

However this is not without strength or power: as the charismatic singer cranks it up to energetically rap out the frustration from the soul.

Apart from this, characterisitc of B*A*M is that hardly a millisecond goes by without something new happening in musically speaking – organic sounds pop up suddenly from instruments that you would never expect in such a setting.

B*A*M is not only massive but also beautiful. This is seen in melodic, reconciling melodies, such as on “Tiritan”, or the wistfully unique “Camel Step”. For the new listener, first experiencing B*A*M, recommendable is the moody yet appropriately named track“Euphoria”, also a genuine dance-floor filler. This highlights once again: on B*A*M, the name is the agenda.


  • 2020 EP / Release " MI^HO "

  • 2020 Single " AYAN GODAN "

  • 2019 Single " IMPERATIVE  "

  • 2016 B.A.M. Beautiful & Massive Album | Kick the Flame

  • 2014 MalaM EP | Kick the Flame

  • 2014 Natural Bass Samplerbeitrag | Stereoplay.de

  • 2014 Metamorphosis Vinyl RMX EP | Kick the Flame

  • 2014 Perfekte Räumlichkeit Vol.2 Samplerbeitrag | Stereoplay.de

  • 2014 Metamorphosis CD RMX Album | Kick the Flame

  • 2013 Ultimate Tunes 2  Samplerbeitrag | Stereoplay.de

  • 2013 Ushna Album | Kick the Flame


​Booking & Management:

Sven Morawietz  |  poorgods-crew@gmail.com  | 

0176 / 62736160




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© Michaela Holubova 2019

Leipzig, Sachsen, Deutschland