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Annuluk is back on the scene with an upcoming collaborative EP: MI^HO.


March 27. 2020 - Annuluk is an artist with a unique focus on creating music that blurs the lines between genres, and feels fulfilling and exciting with different ideas. Recently, the artist announced the upcoming release of a brand new EP project titled MI^HO - a name with a huge variety of multiple meaning, including truth, beauty, care, future, and more. The EP embodies all of the aforementioned meanings and so much more, throughout the span of 5 stunning studio tracks. Annuluk collaborated with some amazingly talented artists and producers for this one, adding something unique to every song. “Ain’t Got No Shoes” is a strong industrial beat with some amazing sound samples and a fat drum arrangement, adding to the depth of sound of this release. Annuluk’s vocals are exciting and diverse, reminding me of artists as diverse as Bjork, The Knife or Bat For Lashes, only to mention a few. “Ayan Godan” is a strongsynth-based release, setting the bar higher in terms of melodies and layers. The intro has a huge soundscape with minimalistic percussion, but it soon delves into an experimental electronic beat with some unique percussive sounds. The vocals are energetic and hypnotic, laden with beautiful effects and textures. “Imperative” is one of the highlights on this EP. The song has a darker vibe, almost reminiscent of rave and techno music with an underground feel. Annuluk’s vocals showcase so much depth and versatility with this one, highlighting the diverse range of her sound. “So Fire and Icy” is an authentic real-life story from Annuluk, an emotional spoken word piece unfolding the the rhythm and melodies of a cinematic musical piece. The beat is intriguing and hypnotic, reminiscent of artists such as Massive Attack. Last, but not least, “Odissy” is a big, ambitious track that feels like a perfect conclusion. The big, cinematic soundscapes have an epic sound and the many layers of vocals and production appointments are so atmospheric and lush, almost reminiscent of artists like Hans Zimmer and Sigur Ros. This EP is a kaleidoscopic and extremely well-produced release, and it is a perfect introduction to Annuluk’s music! Don’t miss out on the EP, which will be released soon!

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